Implosion that's Golden

A young girl told she was bad

Her blackness conceived into evil perception

Conception of her being

Based on perverted sexualization

Of her shape

Of her curves

And the melanin-soaked skin

That people feared for all days

A father with many faces

And only she saw the fury

Only she felt the silence and violence

While the women saw his glory

A dead mother made into a martyr

But no one heard her pleads for a savior

A school that only remembered what she did wrong

Forgetting her many deeds of good

As they attacked her on all sides

A bad little black girl

Is to always be punished and unseen

Violated while she hopes

For relief from unfair grief

Insanity was born

Deaf to those closest to her

Everyone’s rage drowning out her voice

The men who preyed while she prayed

Licked their lips at the sight of her hips

The women who scowled in jealously

Because of her unreal innocence

The continuum of pain

The vacuum of suffering

With each punch

Blow to the face

Violent verbiage

That cut into her back

Each time a person

Loved her

Then cursed her

Before abandoning the girl’s begging form

A tower of screams was built

Higher and higher

Into the unknown skies

Only to fall

With no one around

To hear and see

The jarring sound

Slash through the apathetic quiet

The world wrapped itself in

Like a blanket that kept it warm

From the silent genocides of its imaginations

Now is the era

For the change

Epic and earth-shattering

Heaven and hell

They both stand at attention

The girl would no longer keep the universe

Locked inside of her

When she took her first step

On her right foot

The second step on her left one

It all came out



Nothing held back

All colors and numbers

Will forever surround

The never-ending space

This time

This place

Is where screams are our songs

Lullabies contain death-notes

The blood of our wounds heal

And our nightmares are dreams


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